Meraki Education

Meraki Education finds its roots with the establishment of Hartland International School in Dubai in 2015 with the vision of providing world-class forward-thinking education. Meraki Education specialises in the establishment and management of high-quality international schools in the Middle East and Asia. Our approach not only focuses on academic excellence but makes schooling a joyful experience while inculcating values, cultural spirit, confidence and self-reliance amongst students.

Meraki Education schools enjoy the benefits of highly experienced leadership and management, excellent facilities, and caring and dedicated teachers with a passion for the subject. We aim to ignite a child’s passion for lifelong learning and provide pathways to the top universities and educational institutions globally. Our educators are empowered to create an environment that provides an unparalleled education, hence, investing in professional development, training and skills growth at all levels.

Approximately 4,000 students from over 90 countries, ranging in age from 3 to 18 years study in schools managed by Meraki Education. At present, the group operates Hartland International School, North London Collegiate School Dubai and North London Collegiate School (Singapore).