Top reasons to invest in Dubai

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Top reasons to invest in Dubai

Thursday February 7, 2019

When you invest your money in a real estate, you are not just buying a property; you are contributing positively to the economy of the country. Like all investments, property investment is a very crucial decision and needs careful evaluation of the market conditions along with the short and long term economic view. Dubai, the city of tomorrow, has a robust real estate market that has seen a year on year increase in investments. As per some latest reports affordable housing sector will gain traction in the coming months due to strong demand from the growing middle class in the country. Some of the new government initiatives such as the 10-year residency visa, five-year retiree visa, short-stay transit visa and the decision to allow 100 per cent foreign ownership of onshore companies are also expected to boost the real estate demand in 2019. In addition to these recent changes, Dubai offers several positive benefits that make it an ideal place to invest in property. Here are some of the benefits of buying property in Dubai

Location & Economy

  • Dubai is strategically located between the east and the west part of the world and offers excellent connectivity to Europe, Asia and Africa. Besides, the economy of this super innovative city has shown consistent year on year growth and a booming tourism industry that draws millions every year to the city.


  • Dubai has built a world-class infrastructure that includes excellent schools and hospitals as well as an exceptional network of roads and public transport. The city continues to expand its infrastructure and expects to have the world’s first Hyperloop

Residency & Visa

  • The new regulations allow investors to get a longer-term resident visa based on your property purchase in Dubai. This is expected to undoubtedly drive greater domestic demand for residential

Happiest City in the World

  • Dubai seeks to become happiest city in the world after global organisations such as United Nations marked “happiness” as a preferred indicator of social progress. An increase in this social indicator would in turn attract more investors to Dubai.

Variety of property options to choose from

  • The property market in Dubai is very diverse and it offers a variety of options in terms of size of the property and price, for buyers and investors to choose from

High rental returns

  • An excellent way to generate a steady source of secondary income is from property rentals and investing in a property in Dubai offers a chance for earning a healthy return on investment.

No Property tax

  • There is no property tax in Dubai, so the only payments required are the cost of the property and registration fee to Dubai Land Department.
  • Dubai’s population is growing
  • As per the Dubai Statistics Centre, Dubai’s current population is around 2.4 million and is expected to reach over 5 million by 2030. The continues growth is population will drive an increased demand for residential property in the city.

Another big reason to invest in property in Dubai right now is the upcoming World Expo in October 2020. The Expo will attract approximately 25 million visitors which is expected to drive the demand for rental property.

Given so many positives, Dubai offers excellent investment opportunities apart from being a vibrant city to live and do business in. If you are looking to invest in this dynamic economy, then Genesis by Meraki offers studio, 1- & 2-Bedroom apartments located in the heart of Dubai, Arjan. Give our sales team a call and know more about Genesis.


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