5 most important factors to know when buying a property in Dubai

Blog5 most important factors to know when buying a property in Dubai

5 most important factors to know when buying a property in Dubai

Monday November 11, 2019

One of the most significant financial decision you make in your life is to buy a property. As exciting as the process of buying a property is, it can also become a daunting process. In the midst of trying to find a home that fits your budget and has the ideal size, there are several other factors that need to be considered. Whether your intention to buy property in Dubai is to be an end- user or for an investment, these are the 5 most important factors that can help guide your decision.


This is perhaps the most important aspect when buying real estate in Dubai. While deciding on the location, look for properties that are strategically located and have access to the vital road arteries of the city. You might also want to consider commute time to main office areas or key city destinations and facilities like airport. Do all your research as the location determines the value of your investment and helps keep it on the upside in the long run.


Apart from the location several other aspects need to be considered as well before you decide to buy a property, and having the right kind of community nearby is one of them. No matter where you are in your life journey, while deciding on a property purchase, consider your present and future lifestyle requirements. Make a note of the facilities that are around the property you wish to buy. Some of the facilities that should be considered are schools, children’s playground area, hospitals, pharmacies and commercial centres. These are important factors to check on even if you are buying a property for investment purpose. These factors also play a role in determining expected rentals, in case you are purchasing a property as an investment.


All of us have a list of the must-have features we want in our home and the community we live in. One of the best ways to evaluate the property you want to buy is to split the list into must-have and plus-one. Consider amenities such as gym, swimming pool and community security on your must-have. Any facility over and above this should be considered a plus-one that would add value to your purchase. Infrastructure is also a critical factor that contributes to the expected rental returns on your property.

Quality of the built:

Buying a property is a long-term investment and as such the quality of the construction matters. A well-built, high-quality house will continue to add value to your investment and drive a positive return on your investment. Get a feel for the quality of materials and workmanship as quality construction equals durability and this, in turn, can provide significant long-term savings.

Consolidate your finances:

Last and perhaps a factor more important than the location of the property, is the cost of the property you want to buy. Consider the overall value of the property and what down payment is required. Also, check if the property developer is offering extended payment plans. Match your shortlisted property to your finances.
Finding a property in Dubai that ticks all the 5 key parameters mentioned above is a challenging task. However, Genesis by Meraki manages to tick all of them. Located between Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Al Khail Road and Umm Suqeim road, Genesis by Meraki offers easy access to main roads cutting down travel time to the centre of the city. Genesis also offers several other features that make it the ideal property to invest in. The apartments will be ready to move in by March 2019 and offer spacious apartments at an attractive price with flexible payment plans making it easier for you to choose the right property and ensuring a positive return on your investment.
For more information on Genesis by Meraki, contact us on 800 Meraki or send us an inquiry on enquiry@merakidevelopers.com


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